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Faces of April 25

Sahil Shrestha

On April 25, Nepal was struck by a deadly earthquake of 7.8 magnitude. The video below is a collection of the shared expressions of people, moments after the earthquake. Continue reading “Faces of April 25”


I Deserve Equality

Shreya Ghimire

“I Deserve Equality” is a short digital story for an online project, “Project Butterfly”. This project was founded as a medium for the development and assistance of working women across Nepal, who although work a minimal paying job, hold a rather strong front for what they do and are proud of what they provide. Continue reading “I Deserve Equality”

An Artistic all-party meet

Ashma Gautam

From December 27, 2015 to January 5, 2016, an artistic all party meet, through the medium of ink and paper, was observed at Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal, Kathmandu organized by Kabi Raj Lama, one of the contemporary artist of Nepal. Continue reading “An Artistic all-party meet”

2015 was a remarkable year

Preeti A. Karna

2015 was a truly remarkable year for Nepal. It was remarkable in the tragedies that held us captive for most of the year but also remarkable in teaching us to cope with multiple disasters. Continue reading “2015 was a remarkable year”

Indoor pollution during times of firewood

Deepan Pokhrel

The present economic blockade that Nepal has been facing is a devastating one and it has affected each and every aspect of our country. Environment is no exception to it. Continue reading “Indoor pollution during times of firewood”

Portraying Pottery

Sikuma Rai

Pooja and I like to consider ourselves lucky; we met this dashing someone few months ago and we both fell in crush at the same time.  Continue reading “Portraying Pottery”

No matter the Wreckage- Rebuilding Bouddha

Ashma Gautam

The visitors in the Stupa, on January 11,2016, were seen to be helping the workers by passing them bricks with a belief that building Bouddha is everybody’s equal responsibility. Continue reading “No matter the Wreckage- Rebuilding Bouddha”

Luxurious Pitch After Getting Hitched

Shristi Shrestha

For the most part, celebrities live lives of luxury. Their weddings are also pretty luxurious affairs, so what do they do after “I Do”, when they want to get away from it all? Continue reading “Luxurious Pitch After Getting Hitched”

FreeStyling 101

Shristi Shrestha

Football is going through an evolution as football fanatics are trying freestyle techniques. So, here are a few basic freestyle tricks stripped down easy. Continue reading “FreeStyling 101”

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